Monday, October 11, 2010

Peach and Coconut - Conflict Resolution For Editing

I'm writing this on Thursday from a wireless hotspot in Lusaka before travelling up to Serenje, ready for it to be published on Monday. I'm sure Lee did a great job of preaching on conflict resolution on Sunday, here is the chapter that goes with it for you all to comment on. I'm still working on it so it might not be quite finished (depends how much internet connection I can get between now and Monday), but there's enough there for you to get your teeth into and comment on, either on the blog or Facebook or at this email address.

Have fun reading it, put it into practice where necessary and let me know if you have any personal stories which illustrate this chapter.

Missing you all already!



irene m said...

for some reason I cant use the link for the email Simon so leaving this comment on blog..

the chapters are great reading but this last one had a wee phrase that ..( in my opinion)..may need changing refer to "allowing people into our community....who dont yet know how to behave "...for me this kinda jars a wee bit...but only my opinion...

Anonymous said...

I agree with Irene,

Anonymous said...