Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Zambia Bound

This evening (Wednesday) a team of us set off for Serenje, a rural community in Zambia where we support an HIV/AIDS project. We are out there for ten days, getting back on the evening of Saturday 16th October. Please pray for us as we meet the pastors, Ian who is the new project manager and the rest of the community out there. Sola Osinoiki, Colin Boyle, Alan Lander and I will be running a three day pastor's conference; Catrina and Val Cottee will be running a women's conference. Rob Plant will be filming it all and producing videos to show when we get back. We will also be visiting schools and the various communities out there, as well as seeing what is happening with the girls dormitory and the hospital. I may be able to do limited blogging out there, but will definitely be doing lots of tweets and facebook updates.

On the 17th and 24th October we will be having gift days for Serenje. These will be to fund year three of the project. We want to raise £100,000 which will enable even more children to make it back into education, provide more families with seed so that they can grown their own food and train more volunteers to care for those living with HIV/AIDS. Please be praying about what you give.


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