Friday, November 12, 2010

Three Blogs to Watch

I want to recommend three Kerith blogs to you.

First (and I'm in no way biased!) my wife's. Catrina has recently done a whole series of character profiles of some of the key people we work with in Serenje. Bishop Kasele, Pastor Ngosa, Pastor Chizunga, Pastor Mtongafarmers, volunteers, clients and the District Commissioner all get a mention. I realise that sadly most of you will never get to visit Serenje, but these excellent profiles will give you a really good idea of some of the key people out there, and some of the people directly affected by the money we've given. You can get to the whole blog here.

Secondly Ken and Ann Bothamley's Balkans blog. Ken has been out in Albania with Lee Layton-Matthews and Tom Klitgaard, and has written some great reports on what they've been getting up to. I think you'll be encouraged by the fruit our links in Albania are bearing.

Finally Zoe Hayes Serenje blog. Zoe interfaces between Kerith and Tearfund and helps organise all the trips out there (although much of the work she does goes on behind the scenes, she has been vital to the success of the project). Zoe periodically updates the blog with information she gets from Tearfund and other sources.

I personally sign up to get sent an email when each blog gets updated - there's a box on each of the blogs where you can sign up. That saves me having to visit them on a regular basis - leaving me more time to check on Newcastle United's progress here!


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