Thursday, December 23, 2010

Albania's Got Talent - Part Two

Further to my blog a couple of days ago on Flori singing in "Albania's Got Talent", I was sent a translation of the judges comments, which makes fantastic reading. The translation was done by Robert Cook, who leads one of the churches we work with in Albania, and who with his wife Mira has been to Kerith on a number of occasions.

Let's pray for God to raise up many more like Flori!


"The basic comments in the semi finals were that 'when Flori sings there is something divine about it...He has a God given gift...what a wonderful way for the evangelical alliance to celebrate its official recognition as a national religion (this happened 2 weeks ago)...God has given you this gift not only to please him, but also to please people....

In the final.....this is what happened.....after he sang a famous Albanian ballad giving it all he had!!
The lad done good...he was voted into the super final (last 3) by sms voting and then came second in the final vote (again by sms). He gave public praise to 'my Lord, Jesus Christ, without whom I wouldnt be here' without doubt he got the best reception from the live audience. "

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