Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Sunday 12th December - AM

On Sunday 12th December Catrina (my wonderful wife) is going to be speaking at both morning meetings on how we can grow in our relationship with Jesus  over Christmas. My experience is that very often all the busyness of Christmas gets in the way of my relationship with God, which is sort of ironic when He's supposed to be the reason we do it all in the first place!

Catrina has some great insights into the ways that different people relate to God, and how understanding that can help us to find Him in the middle of all the busyness. Come and find out how to put Christ at the centre of your Christmas.

Can I also encourage you to be reading through the Christmas stories over the next few weeks. I had a great time yesterday meditating on chapter 1 of Matthew - it's amazing what revelation you can get from reading a long list of names!


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