Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ben Cooley

I'm so excited that this weekend we're going to have a guy called Ben Cooley with us. Ben heads up a charity called for Hope for Justice which is involved in attempting to bring an end to human trafficking. There are some incredibly moving videos on their website which will give you a much clearer idea of the scale of the problem and the work they are attempting to do.

Ben is going to be speaking to the Academy students on Thursday afternoon, meeting the staff on Friday during the day, speaking at LIFE (our youth event) on Friday evening and then speaking at all three meetings on Sunday (with a different message in the morning and evening). As well as telling us some of what he does he is also going to speak on God's heart for justice and the role the church has to play. We will also have stands on Sunday where you can get more information on not only Hope for Justice but also Foodbank, CAP debt counselling, our HIV AIDS project in Zambia and other ways you can get involved in making a difference.

I first met Ben about six months ago, although had already heard lots about him from our young people who had heard him speak at Rocknations in Bradford. I'm so looking forward to many more people in our community getting to meet him over the weekend.

Hope to see you there.



ethel said...

I was there and it was very interesting. Cant say I emjoyed it, the subject is something I do not wish to dwell on too long especially when children are concerned.
I did post the Sunday evening ( not published!) and was much more emotional about it all. I have put my name down as a volunteer. However, I am not a church goer, I do have a very good friend in Melita who is. Thanks to all there for such an inspirational experience. Val

Simon Benham said...

Sorry your comments wasn't posted last time round - I get so many spam comments on my blog your comment must have got deleted with the spam.