Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Cloudy Days in Summer - Update

The Cloudy Days in Summer conference on Saturday 5th February is fast approaching. There is more information and online booking available on our website. However, I know that a number of people struggle with online booking, so this Sunday you will also be able to book with cash, cheque or a credit / debit card at The Kerith Centre reception desk.

I doubt that any of us will go through life without being affected by the issue of mental health, either personally or through somebody close to us. It is so important that we know how to deal with this issue, both Biblically and practically. This day will be excellent at equipping us in both of these areas. It only costs £10 for the day which is superb value for money.

If you want more of an insight into the impact depression, which is one facet of mental health, can have on a person then please take a look at this blog of someone I know who lives with depression, and is a friend and occasional attender at Kerith.


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Sue said...

My heart goes out to your friend Simon, I can relate to a lot of what he says. Very courageous to put all this in a blog. I hope to meet him at Cloudy Days in Summer.