Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Cloudy Days in Summer

One of my favourite series we have done as a church was "The Elephant in the Church", where we looked at some of the issues Christians don't like to talk about - you can still listen to the podcasts of those talks here.

One of the key roles of leaders is to be honest, open and at times ruthless about dealing with "elephants", and to listen to others who may have spotted elephants we were blind to. In my opinion one of the biggest "elephants" we have is the whole issue of mental health. Somehow we have an idea that if you're a Christian then you should be immune to any sort of mental health problems, and that if you are struggling then the best thing to do is to put on your happy "Christian" face in church and pretend you're fine!

I'm therefore delighted that on Saturday 5th February we're going to be hosting a conference dealing with both the theological and the practical issues surrounding mental health. The conference is being run by Sean Green and our friends from Reading Family Church, but we're hosting the day at The Kerith Centre. The day runs from 10am-4pm and you can either register online, via email or by phoning Reading Family Church on 0118 933 7961. There are also leaflets with more information on the Kerith reception desk.

If you want to read about two people in our community who have been brave enough to talk about their journey with mental health, I recommend the articles in the latest LinK magazine by Caroline Hanbury and Sue Toms. I applaud their courage and honesty.

Hope to see you there on the 5th.


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Sue said...

Please come to this, if you know a lot about mental illness, then I am sure you will still enjoy it and may still learn something. If you are not interested in mental health or find it frightening, please come, fear is about things you don't understand, come and learn and dispel the fear. I am really excited about this conference and hope to see you there. Please encourage your friends to come.