Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Growth Requires Increased Giving

On Sunday I spoke about the growth we are experiencing, and that although growth is great it always brings with it problems which need to be overcome. Towards the end of the preach I spoke about money being one of the keys to growth (a message Ben Davies has brought to us for years). In 2011 we need to see around a 10% increase in giving in order to do all the things we have in our heart to do.

We want to be as open as possible about our finances, and to that end have added a new series of pages to the website to give more information. You'll find there:

Please take the chance to have a look at these pages. If you have any questions or comments on the pages (which we'd love to hear) then there are details on the pages as to who to send them to, or feel free to post them to the blog and I'll get answers to them posted there.

I'd like to encourage everyone who is part of our community to consider their giving, both regular giving and when people receive bonuses and inheritances. But remembering that God loves cheerful givers, and that we don't want anyone giving reluctantly or under any sense of compulsion. 

A huge thank you to Ben Oliver, Mike Webber-Gant, Helen Dodwell, Bill Clague and Rosie Donnan who have helped put these pages together.

Happy reading!


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