Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Prophecy at the Prayer Meeting

Last week, at a Newfrontiers regional meeting, I was given a prophetic word by a guy called Julian Adams. Julian has a recognised prophetic ministry within Newfrontiers, although I'd never met him before. The word he gave me was remarkably accurate in a number of details, and very exciting in what it says to us as a church.

Ben Davies has always taught us to "weigh prophecy and obey the Bible". Prophecy is exciting, but we must never put it above the Bible, or even close to being on a par with it. The elders are in the process of weighing the prophecy I received, but I also want to share it at the prayer meetings this week so that we can all hear it and pray for the things it talks about to become reality.

So if you want to hear it you need to be there on Wednesday or Thursday (8pm in K2). Until I've talked more with the elders I won't be sharing it on a Sunday or putting it up on the blog, although I may do that at some point in the future.

As well as this we will also be worshipping together, sharing communion, reflecting on Ben Cooley's visit and others will be leading us in praying for other areas of church life. Please be there if you can, as prayer is so key to us slaying the giants God has called us to defeat. Don't miss it!


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