Thursday, February 24, 2011


This Sunday we're going to look at the story of the prophet Amos. The astute amongst you will realise that this doesn't really follow on from Abraham last week (unless of course we were preaching through the Old Testament characters alphabetically), in fact Amos comes much later in the story of Israel. However, we do like to mix things up at Kerith, so along our journey through the Old Testament story we will be taking some detours to look at some specific characters and subject - Amos is the first of those detours.

The prophet Amos wrote this book around 760-750BC, to warn Israel (the Northern Kingdom - by this time the nation had split in two - the Northern Kingdom of Israel and the Southern Kingdom of Judah) of God's coming judgement on them, and to call them to repent from their idolatory and self righteouness. Sadly they failed to repent, and history tells us that in 722BC Israel was defeated by Assyria. However, the book finishes with hope, pointing to a day when the nation will be restored again. You can find a brief overview of the book here.

In advance of Sunday please have a go at reading Amos. It's only 9 chapters long, so will take you less time to read than you'll spend watching the evening news! If you're not a great reader then you can find an audio version here. Ask God to speak to you as you listen to / read it. Perhaps pick out one verse which particularly speaks to you, encourages you or challenges you. I have to admit that I love it in chapter 9 verse 13 where it talks about new wine coming in abundance - it reminds me of someone else who talked about new wine coming :-)

Hope to catch you Sunday.


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