Monday, February 14, 2011

Encouragement - My Lift Theory

I have a theory about our everyday interactions with other people. It's this, that every time you speak to, email, text or phone another human being it's as though you get into a lift with them. The primary characteristic of lifts is that they can only go one of two ways, up or down (except of course the lift in Roald Dahl's masterpiece "Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator", but we won't worry about that). It's the same with our human interactions. Once you get into that lift with another person you are either going to take them up or down in their lift. You're going to leave them either encouraged or discouraged. The one thing you can't do is leave them exactly the same as you find them.

And it's up to you which way you take that other person. You can choose whether to take people up or down in their lift, by the words that you say and the way that you say them. That's why words are so important. The children's rhyme "stick's and stones can break my bones, but words can never hurt me" is such utter nonsense as to be dangerous. Words are so important, whether spoken or written. And not just words. Even making eye contact with another person across a room can be enough to take them up or down.

So two questions. First do you agree with my analysis of our human interactions? And if you do which way are you going to take people in their lift today?


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