Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sunday Evening Changes

Those of you who are Sunday evening regulars may have noticed that we've started to change things around a bit. I thought I'd write a blog to explain some of the changes and the thinking behind them, both for you Sunday evening regulars and others who may be interested in what we're up to.

Since we went to doing three meetings on a Sunday the plan has been that Sunday evening would generally have the same preach as the morning (unless we've got a guest speaker, or for some other reason such as Mother's Day it makes sense to make the morning and evening different), but with a different "feel" to the meeting (I used to describe it as "louder and darker", although I'm not sure that's the best way to describe it!). Our 'target' audience has always been 15-30's, although I've been delighted to see people of all ages really enjoying and feeling a part of what goes on.

Now we've been doing three meetings for two years we felt it was a good time to change things around a bit. Some of these changes are in response to suggestions people have made, others are things we feel will help make the evening more effective. Changes we have / will be making include:

  • Having a shorter time of worship at the beginning of the meeting so that there's time to worship again after the preach. This should also mean more opportunity for ministry time where we can pray for people who want to respond to what they've heard.
  • We will have an interview every week with someone from our community. We want to hear the stories of what God is doing amongst us, so will be interviewing people of all ages and backgrounds, people who are new to Kerith and people who have been here for years, basically anyone with a story to tell. If you'd like to be considered please speak to Lee Layton-Matthews.
  • In the evening we will have a shorter version of the morning preach. It will be down to each preacher to work out how to do that, but in essence we will aim to cover the same material but in less time. rather than leaving anything out (the preach will probably be about 30 minutes, as opposed to 40 minutes in the morning).
  • We will do a Q&A after the preach (unless the preach doesn't really lend itself to Q&A). Initially we'll do this roving microphones in the balcony and downstairs, although we might experiment with questions via text or twitter. If you're a morning regular and have questions from what you heard in the morning you might want to come back in the evening and ask them there.
  • Having a detach team who work with the young people who hang around on the sofas in the Kerith Centre lounge rather than coming into the meeting. We're looking into growing this team, so please let me know if you'd be interested in getting involved with this.
Generally the three meetings have worked very well, with growing numbers at all three and good feedback from people coming. I'd love to hear your feedback though, both on these changes and anything else you'd like to see done at our gatherings.


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Rebecca said...

I really like the changes. Especially the interviews as you can't argue with what someone has experienced as well as that they show what is being said from the front in practice.