Friday, February 18, 2011

Thoughts on Covenants

This Sunday we're going to be looking at the covenant God made with Abraham. Covenant isn't a word or a concept we deal with too much today, but one of the most powerful modern day expressions of a covenant would be the wedding vows. At a Kerith wedding we read words similar to these:

A covenant is the most solemn binding relationship into which two parties can enter. As a holy covenant made in the name of God, Christian marriage is a freely chosen, lifelong, exclusive relationship between the husband and wife under the authority of God. Marriage is not contract but a covenant. It is important to note the difference between a covenant and a contract. A covenant is based on trust and selflessness between parties; a contract is based on distrust and self-interest. A covenant is based on unlimited responsibility; a contract is based on limited liability. A covenant cannot be broken if new circumstances occur. A contract can be voided by mutual consent.

It's so important that we realise that God is not a contract making God, He's a covenant making God, and  there's a world of difference between the two. For a practical expression of this I can't do better than direct you to Andy Jackson's latest blog. Andy illustrates the difference between the two quite magnificently.

Incidentally, if anyone can tell me what writing course I need to go on to be able to write like Andy (and his daughter Ellie), then I'll gladly pay! I could spend my whole life blogging and never come up with anything to match Andy's closing sentence - "We may take vows in magnificent and beautiful sonnets but our love is proved in the mundane essays of our lives together".


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