Saturday, February 19, 2011

Update on Howard & Elizabeth

For those of you not able to follow the tweets from Howard and Elizabeth Reece-Smith on their epic bike ride from Nairobi to Serenje to raise money for the operating theatre in Serenje, I've included their last few tweets below (I've taken the liberty of trying to turn some of Howard's text language into English - apologies if I got any of the translations wrong!).

If you want to sponsor them then take a look here, and if none of this makes any sense have a look at my previous blog about what they're up to!



12th Feb - In Nairobi. Bikes all prepared and none the worse for the journey. Bags packed. Off we go at first light tomorrow.

13th Feb - In Kajaido. Hard ride with 20 miles of potholes and 15miles of headwind. Accomodation in Anglican guesthouse - supper included. Bikes going well.

14th Feb - At Longido, 30 kms south of Tanzanian border. Very good road, damp cool morning, pleasant guest house.

15th Feb - Arusha. Hard day, little sleep and no breakfast. Lots of hills and a headwind. Two sore bums, 4 tired legs. Now in hotel with hot water and good food!

16th Feb - Makuyuni 75kms west of Arusha. Muslim festival all night. Road variable, cool morning dilapidated accommodation in 4th room with cold water

17th Feb - Babati dodoma road impassable to bikes says civil engineer. Building new road. Booked on bus. God's provision as engineer only here as it is a chinese public holiday

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