Friday, March 25, 2011

Beat the Tax Man

Here's something you might not know. On the 5th April the amount of money which the church (and any other charity) can claim back on money given under Gift Aid goes down from 28p for every £1 given to 25p for every £1 given.

That might not sound like a big change, but to put it in perspective on the £30,000 which has already been given towards the 2011 Gift Days, that would reduce the amount we could claim back from £8,400 to £7,500. That's an extra £900 towards the Gift Day, just because those incredibly generous people chose to give before the 5th April.

We're still going to have the first set of Gift Days on the 10th and 17th April, but if you were thinking of giving a large gift and are a UK taxpayer you might want to think about giving it before the 5th April. In order to qualify for the higher rate of return the money has to be in our bank account by the 4th April, so it would be safest give online, rather than giving a cheque which may not clear in time. Any questions then please contact Bill Clague who can take you through any questions you may have.

I never ceased to be amazed by the generosity of our community, and I'm so excited by the adventure of faith we have set out on this year to try and raise this additional £750,000. Whether you can give before or after the 5th April, or even if circumstances mean you can't give at all, I just so appreciate you being part of our community of faith.


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