Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Michael Ross-Watson's Blog

I know many of you will be excited to hear that Michael Ross-Watson has joined the ranks of the church bloggers. His blog is called Spirit Food and you can find it here (I'll also link to it from the list of blogs I read on my blog site). Michael is aiming to write a weekly Bible study, but the blog will also be a great way to find out where in the world he and Esther are at any point in time (he and Esther are out in Singapore at the moment) and to help us in praying for them.

Michael will be preaching again at Kerith in all three meetings on Sunday 17th April, looking at finding Jesus in the Old Testament - not to be missed.

We are so privileged to have Michael and Esther as part of our community, and that they have chosen to make Kerith their home when they are in the UK.


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