Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sunday Prep - Jacob

On Sunday we're going to take a look at the story of Jacob. When you get into his story you realise that he's a pretty mixed up guy, with character flaws in abundance, and yet God still wants to work in his life and change him. In fact he's a pretty good metaphor for every one of us!

It will really help you on Sunday if you already have a framework for his life, and some idea of the major events. Here are the key events we're going to be looking at on Sunday:

Gen 25:24-26 - the birth of Jacob and Esau
Gen 25:27-34 - Esau gives away his birthright to Jacob
Gen 26:7-10 - Jacob inherits his deceitful nature from his father
Gen 27 - Jacob steals Esau's blessing
Gen 28:10-19 - Jacob sees God in a dream
Gen 29:14-29 - Jacob marries Leah and Rachel
Gen 31:3 - God tells Jacob to go home
Gen 32:9-12 - Jacob asks God for protection from Esau
Gen 32:22-32 - Jacob wrestles with God and gets a new name
Gen 33:1-4 - Jacob and Esau reconciled

If that's all too complicated then just read Genesis chapters 25 to 34, which really won't take you that long!

Hope to catch you on Sunday.


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