Monday, May 16, 2011

Encouragement to Pray

I really want to encourage you to come out to the prayer meetings this week. I don't always find prayer easy, but last month there was such a sense of God being with us that I left the meetings both nights feeling so encouraged and confident in what lies ahead for us all (there were also so many people there on the Thursday it did make me wonder whether we'll have to think about a new venue to meet in).

The growth we're seeing at the moment is throwing up some serious challenges for us, particularly with regard to space for children work, staff and midweek meetings, and I want to share and pray into some of the plans we have to make more space for growth. We're also going to pray for the June gift days, as well as sharing communion, worshipping and praying for one another.

It was great last month to have such a mixture of 'old hands' and newcomers, young and not so young, so please come and join the throng - 8-9.45pm in K2.

Hope to see you there,


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