Saturday, May 28, 2011

Home Alone

So it's half term week and the children and I are home alone! Catrina and a team headed off on Friday to visit the schools we work with in Serenje. You can read a load more about it in this article on Catrina's blog, and follow their progress via both Catrina's blog, and the Serenje blog which Zoe Hayes will be updating.

For us it will be a week without broccoli (in fact probably without any vegetables, unless you include baked beans!) and with a high proportion of ready meal and takeaways!

I'm incredibly proud of Catrina, and the team who are going, although I'm going to miss her really badly. It's normally me who goes away, so it will be strange for me to be the one left behind, but I know the whole team will do a really good job of representing Kerith and the wider community of Bracknell. Please be praying for them all.


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