Monday, May 23, 2011

Hugely Encouraged

I love our Ten10 Sundays (where across the three meetings ten different preachers get to speak for 10 minutes each), and this time around was no exception. It's amazing how ten different messages from ten different preachers, who have been given no more guidance on what to speak on than "something from the Old Testament", can have such a sense of a common theme running through it all. And the depth of the theology which came through it all, from Tabitha expounding the sovereignty of God to Lee boldly declaring that God is a God of miracles. We were challenged to see God for who He really is (big enough to deal with any situation we face), and to recognise the filters which stop us seeing God for who He really is. To expect God do speak to us, to expect God to provide for us, and to make the choices which will lead us to the abundant life God has got planned for us.

If you missed any (or all) of the messages then they'll be going up on the website over the next week - you can find them here.

Part of the culture, the soil, which we are working hard to create at Kerith is a culture of empowerment. Where all sorts of people are encouraged and equipped to run with their dreams, their passions and the talents God has given them. Sunday was one example of that culture beginning to flourish and bear fruit. I want to say a big thank you, not only to the speakers on Sunday but also to the mentors who worked with them to help them hone their messages, and the friends and family who gave them such great support. That's the sort of environment we need to create for all of us to flourish, whether we aspire to be great preachers, business leaders, school teachers, lifegroup leaders, mums and dads, worship leaders, or wherever else we feel God has called us to make a difference in the world we live in.

Quote of the day for me was from Tom Klitgaard - "If you want God to speak to you, read your Bible". Simples.

Have a great week,


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