Thursday, May 5, 2011

Jeff Manion Talk from Sunday

Several people have asked me whether we can make available the audio of the Jeff Manion DVD on "Navigating the Land Between" which we showed on Sunday morning. Sadly Willow can't allow us to put it up on the website, although I have got a personal copy of it on CD if you ask me really nicely!

However, as an alternative there is a discussion on the members only area of the Willow website where you can hear Jeff Manion and Bill Hybels discuss the message, and talk about their own "Land Between" moments, all hosted by Nancy Beach. I've only listened to the first bit, but it sounds fascinating and really complements the message well.

You can find the message here. To listen to it you'll need to use our login details for the Willow website, which is my church email address with the password 00131. If you don't know my email address (I don't really want to put it up on the website) then email the office and they'll let you have it.

You'll also find a whole load of other really interesting stuff on the Willow website, so take time to have a good look around.

Hope you enjoy the discussion (I'm about ten minutes into it now, and it's really moving).


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Google video search finds it or an earlier version on