Friday, May 6, 2011

Sunday Prep - Abraham and His Three Guests

When James Emery White spoke at the "Come As You Are" conference we hosted recently, he spoke about four things you need to make a great Sunday meeting. These were:
  • A Friendly Welcome
  • Greats Kids Work
  • Contemporary Music
  • Relevant Messages
His argument was that if we do these things well, then that will create the environment, the soil if you like, where God can move and the church will grow. It's an interesting list, and one which I suspect could cause a large amount of debate (which I'm not about to enter in to!), but it's undoubtedly true that all the thriving churches I have ever been to, wherever they've been in the world, have had all four of those distinctives in at least some measure.

On Sunday we're going to be reflecting on the first of these, the importance of a friendly welcome. If you want to do some advance reading then take a look at the story in Genesis 18 where Abraham welcomes three visitors, and think about the relevance it might have to us in Kerith.

Hope to catch you on Sunday.


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