Thursday, May 12, 2011

What is the point of Sabbath?

When we looked a few weeks ago at the relevance of the Old Testament law for us today (you can listen to that sermon here), we saw that the law (according to Calvin at least) can be broadly split into three categories. These are:

  • Laws governing how the Jews were to operate as a nation, which have been replaced for us by our own nation's laws (which we are called to obey as long as those laws don't force us to do anything that would be against God's will)
  • Sacrificial laws, telling them how to deal with sin when they messed up. These have now been replaced by Jesus ultimate sacrifice on the cross.
  • Moral laws, relating to how God wants us to live towards Him and how we should relate to one another. Jesus showed us that in an era of grace, we are still obligated to the moral law, and should now actually live beyond the moral law (See Matt 5:17-48).

On Sunday we're going to take a look at the ten commandments, which form part of the moral law. Rather than attempt to cover all ten in one meeting, we're going to look specifically at the commandment about keeping the Sabbath, and learn from it some principles which will help us in applying the other nine. It would be helpful to read Exodus 20 in advance, and perhaps ponder how you see the Sabbath applying to you today.

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