Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Get (to) Real

I'm up in Lincoln at the moment, meeting with other church leaders from around the UK - a really refreshing and inspiring two days for me.

However, I never sleep too well when I'm away, and this morning has been no exception, so I've been up since 5 praying and reading my Bible. I've prayed for all sorts of stuff, but a large part has been praying for the Real Women's Conference this Friday evening and Saturday.

I have a real sense (no pun intended) that God wants to do some remarkable things in people's lives over the 24 hours of the conference. I know of women in our community who are in a totally different place today because of things God did at last years conference. So here are three encouragements.

For the men, let's be praying for God to do powerful stuff amongst our women. Whether you're single, married, young, not so young, pray for the women you know who are going, and pray for God's transforming presence to be so at work there.

Women who are going be raising your expectations of what God will do. As we saw on Sunday he wants to give you a life of meaning and purpose - be asking him to transform you over the 24 hours.

And any women not going, please get there if you possibly can. Even if you can only make some of the time, it will be worth it. And if finance is an issue, then don't let it be - we have people in our community who have already covered the cost of your ticket so that you can be there - just let our reception team know and pay what you can. You can book online, phone reception, or even just turn up on Friday or Saturday. Some of the most life changing stories last year were from people who had disqualified themselves, and only chose to come at the very last minute. Maybe this year that could be you!

Almost time for breakfast now!


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