Thursday, June 23, 2011

Gift Day Reminder

This Sunday is week two of our June Gift Days. Please be thinking and praying about what to give, as we look to raise the money we need to do all the work in the reception area and the auditorium which we want to do over the summer. If you're not around on Sunday, or if you find it more convenient, you can give online here.

Can I also ask that if there is anyone in a position to give us an interest free loan could they contact Clive Challis to let him know. We've already had at least one offer which is great - any more would be really helpful.

I can't express how grateful I am to be part of such an incredibly generous community. Week after week, month after month, year after to year, to see people giving so faithfully is just incredible and never ceases to amaze me. Thank you.


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