Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Gift Day Update

This weekend is the first of our June gift days (the other being on the 26th June). We are looking to raise £250,000 so that we can complete all of our planned reception area and auditorium improvements by the end of August. Please can I encourage you to be thinking and praying about what you are going to give. You can find more details about the gift days here, and can give online here.

Clive Challis is working with me on handling the finances for the redevelopment (Clive was our Kerith treasurer for many years, as well as overseeing the finances for the building of the Kerith Centre and K2, so knows what he is talking about!). He has suggested a couple of things which would really help us in sorting our cashflow for the reception redevelopment.

The first is to ask whether there is anyone in a position to offer the church an interest free loan. When we built the Kerith Centre we at one point had over £400,000 which people 'lent' to the church to save the church from having to pay interest on bank loans. If the whole of the £250,000 doesn't come in during June then we will look to take out a bank loan so that we can still do the work in August - interest free loans may mean we don't need to do this.

Secondly there may be some people who because of timing of finances can't give by the 26th June, but can give in July, August or September. If so then that would be really helpful to know so that we can plan our cashflow more accurately.

If you're in a position to do either of those, or have any questions on this, then please can you email Clive who would love to hear from you!

As I've said before, let's not have any anxiety about this, but believe God for him to do remarkable things in us and through us.


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