Friday, June 17, 2011

Rocknations Parents Evening

It's not long until all our youngsters will be going off to Rocknations in Bradford (10th - 13th August). It's been such a key event in the lives of so many of our youngsters that I'd encourage all parents to consider sending their young people (years 7 and over).

We realise that parents often have a load of questions around what goes on at events like this, so Liam Parker has organised a parents evening next Tuesday (21st June) from  7-9pm in K2. The evening will be a great chance for parents to:

  • Hear what a normal day at Rocknations looks like
  • Meet the leaders who will be going
  • Hear about what we hope to get out of taking our young people to Rocknations
  • Ask any questions you may have
  • Sort out any admin that needs to be done

There may be some still wavering about sending your young people to Rocknations. If finance is an issue please be assured that we never want money to be a barrier to anyone accessing anything at Kerith - please just speak to either Liam, Lee Layton-Matthews or myself. Any other questions, then feel free to come and ask them on the 21st.

Hope to see you there (assuming you do have young people who may be going - if not I'm very impressed you've got this far through the blog!),


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