Friday, June 10, 2011

Sunday Evening Worship

Just to prepare you all in advance that the worship on Sunday evening (12th June) is going to be in a slightly different style. It will be the same songs we normally sing, but in the words of Stuart Bryan will be "in the style of the current top 40. Stylistically we've gone for a different, electronic sound using synthesisers and loops and lots of other cool stuff".

It's something which has been used with great success at the Friday night LIFE events, and we thought we'd give it a go on a Sunday evening. Rest assured that you will still be able to engage in worship - I'll be interested to hear what people make of it.

Handling change and new things reminds me of a story a friend who was leading a church at the time told me (I won't reveal his name in case I get him into trouble!). In the church they'd just put a soft drinks machine in their reception area, and a number of people had contacted him to say that they didn't think this was something the church should be doing, encouraging people to drink sugar filled fizzy drinks. So a few weeks later he got up and announced that after the success of the soft drinks machine they were now going to install condom dispensers in all of the public toilets. After a shocked moment from the congregation, and a perfectly timed pause, he said that actually they weren't going to do that, but at least the soft drinks machine didn't seem so bad after all!

Hope you enjoy Sunday night (or the morning if you're there instead) :-)


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