Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Book GLS Before Sunday for Cheapest Rates

For all my non Kerith readers, this is a reminder that the cheapest rate for booking in to the Willow GLS we host on 7th & 8th October ends this Sunday, the 31st July. Full details on the various price breaks, and booking details, are here. If you want to stay over on the Friday night we've also got a great deal at one of the best local hotels, email reception for details on how to book that.

If you're a WCA member and bring at least 5 people you can get in to the conference for as little as £47 each. That's an incredibly good investment in you and your team - I encourage you to sign up now. If you can't make it to Bracknell then there are a host of other UK venues and dates, all of which will give you a great experience.

For all Kerith regulars you can get in at a special Kerith rate, which is available up until the day of the conference. To book in at that rate you'll need to register in person at the Kerith Centre reception.

I head off to Chicago with a number of people from Kerith and beyond to see the 'live' version of the summit a week on Tuesday - I'll be blogging and tweeting through the conference if you want to know how it's going. Having seen the speaker line up I'm sure it's going to be a great event, both live and via video, so please come if you possibly can.

This year we'll also have around 40 people coming from overseas to see how we run the Summit in Bracknell, before they take it back to their own nations. This includes people from Lithuania, Estonia, Sweden, Norway, Portugal and the Faroe Islands! Very exciting.

Hope to see you in Bracknell on the 7th & 8th October.


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