Monday, July 25, 2011

Building Begins

Building work starts on the reception area today! It's been an amazingly short time from deciding we were going to make the changes to work actually starting - please pray that all will go well with every aspect of the project, and that God will speak to the builders as they are around the building and interact with all of the team.

Just a reminder to anyone wanting to come to the Kerith Centre during the week that the office will be open as usual, but to get in you'll need to go round to the side door and press the buzzer. You'll also still be able to ring in on the main reception number if you need to get hold of anyone. The whole of the reception area and Kerith Centre lounge will be out of use during the week, foodbank will operate from under the auditorium.

On Sundays the only addition to the information in my previous blog is that we will have no use of the Kerith Centre lounge area on Sundays. Can I encourage everyone when they turn up on a Sunday to come into the auditorium and grab a drink, even if you normally sit up on the balcony.

Work is due to finish in time for Ben and Heather's wedding on the 27th August (let's pray for their sake that it finishes on time!).

These changes are going to make a huge change to our building, the welcome it provides and all that we are able to do with it - well worth the inconvenience we are all going to face over the next few weeks.


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