Sunday, July 31, 2011

Facilities Manager Job Vacancy

If you were in church today you'll have heard me mention that Jon Turner, who has been in charge of our facilities for the last three years, has decided that it's time to move on to a fresh challenge. I'm incredibly grateful to Jon for all that he has done, and it's been a real privilege to watch him grow and develop over the last few years. Jon and his family are going to be staying in Kerith - let's be praying for them as they step into this new season of life.

Jon's pending departure means that we are on the look out for a new facilities manager. The role involves looking after all aspects of the upkeep of both the Kerith Centre and K2, including maintenance, room setup, cleaning and decorating. If you, or someone you know, would be interested in finding more about the job then please email Ali Hudell who will be able to send you a job description and application form.

Applications need to be in by the 26th August. Interviews will take place in early September.

Let's be praying for us to find the right person for this role, which is vital to our community functioning well.


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