Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Life on Tour

This Friday our weekly youth event, LIFE, is going on tour. Rather than meeting in the Kerith Centre, Liam and the team are taking the whole event to Yateley. We will be bussing a whole load of our young people over there, as well as gathering young people from Yateley - you can find a whole load more details here.

This is all part of our vision as a community to be a blessing, not only to Bracknell but to the wider communities and ultimately to the nations. I'm so proud of our youth team, lead by Liam Parker, for all that they are doing and the lives that are being changed through them. Let's be praying for our team on Friday night as they lead the event, for the young people of Yateley to be impacted, and for the churches in Yateley to be blessed and built up through this, and through future events we run.



Aidan Miller said...

You should come to Scotland, would love to see you guys up here!

Dave Betts said...

Amen Aidan!! We have some bands ready and willing!!

Aidan Miller said...

nice one! well drop me an email and we could maybe see about sorting something out