Thursday, July 28, 2011

Reception Work in Full Swing

This week has seen the work on reception quite literally start with a bang (trying to work in the office on Tuesday almost required ear defenders), as the builders moved in to remove the old reception desk and bookshop, knock down a number of walls and generally create havoc in our much loved reception area! On Sunday you'll be able to see what has happened so far as you walk through reception (remember all drinks will be served in the auditorium, and the doors won't open until 6.15 on Sunday evening).

Just to update you on a couple of more details you might need to know as the work progresses.

We aren't going to be able to process debit/credit card giving until the project finishes. Our card giving machine is linked (for anti-fraud reasons) to an analogue phone line in reception which is unavailable for the duration of the project.  If people do give by putting their card details on a giving envelope then those will get processed at the end of August. I mention this particularly as I suspect a number of people will want to give to Canon Andrew White when he comes to us on Sunday night - you might want to bring one of those old fashioned cheque books! Online giving is still also available via the website.

Secondly the Thursday morning 6-7am finance prayer meeting will be in the K2 lounge for the length of the project, and will carry on through the whole of August. Ben Davies will be leading the days when I can't be there.

I'll keep blogging with anything else which changes over the next few weeks. Just remember that flexibility is the name of the game!


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Nick said...

Wow! So exciting. I look forward to our local community being able to connect to Kerith more easily!