Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Redigging Old Wells

I preached a while ago on how when we face problems produced by growth God wants us, as well as doing some new things, to also go back to doing some old things we used to do. One of things I sense God has called us back to is to have an early morning prayer meeting for money.

We used to have one of these when we were building and paying for the Kerith Centre. Mostly it was from 6-7 on a Wednesday morning, but at some points when the need for money became urgent it was happening every weekday. At the time Catrina and I were living in a one bedroom flat in Reading, and I well remember getting up at 5am every Wednesday morning to drive over to Bracknell to pray for an hour, before heading back to Reading where I would catch a train to Oxford and Catrina would get a train to Paddington. At the time our own personal finances weren't in a great place, having got into debt to pay for our wedding and struggling to pay the mortgage on our flat with interest rates up around 15%. Through going to that prayer meeting I know that God built our faith for money, and we saw amazing answers to prayer, both for us as a couple and for the church.

So three weeks ago we 'restarted' the money prayer meeting, from 6-7am on Thursdays in the Kerith Centre Reception area (it will have to move somewhere else from next week - I'll let you know when we work out a new venue). The Sunday after we first met was the Sunday we got over £200,000 pledged in interest free loans - a pretty direct answer to our prayers from the previous Thursday.

So I want to invite you to come and join us. Especially if like me and Catrina 22 years ago you are in a place where you need to know financial breakthrough in your life. Faith grows as we cry out to God, and as we see God answer our individual and community prayers. Maybe you've never felt able to pray for money before, well now is the moment to learn. We've had about a dozen of us each week so far, it would be great to see those numbers grow as the weeks go by.

Also a reminder that it's prayer meetings this week from 8-9.45pm in K2 on Wednesday and Thursday. I'll be at all three prayer meetings this week, so hope to catch you in at least one of them :-)


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