Monday, July 25, 2011

What a Weekend

Often I write an email at this point on a Monday reflecting on all the great things that went on over the weekend. I'd love to do that now, but sadly I wan't around for any of the weekend to have observed any of it.

It's been a really busy three or four weeks for me. Preaching, an overseas trip, several trips to London and two different days down in Brighton, numerous meetings including the bank manager, the town planners, a morning with our MP and a breakfast with leaders from Yateley, the Stand, singing at Real(!),  early mornings and late nights and much more.

Over the last few years I've learnt so much about the rhythm of life, and the importance of Sabbath, but this time I thought I could keep going until our first holiday of the summer (a week today). However, I knew that wasn't going to happen when on Friday morning I couldn't remember the name of one of our team (sorry Yvonne!). So I've spent most of the weekend horizontal, with my body saying to me if you won't stop then I'm going to force you to, and it did! This used to happen to me every two or three months, but over the last two years I've learnt to spot the warning signs earlier and take action - this time I didn't.

So why am I telling you this?

First because I always want to be honest and real about my life. I'm not "super pastor", I'm just human, fallible, broken Simon (who Jesus loves very much). Please don't ever put me on a pedestal, or make me out to be something I'm not (sorry if that's shattered any illusions!).

Secondly to reflect that Kerith isn't centered around me, and never should be. We have an amazing God, who must always be our focus, but I also serve with an incredible team. Catrina brought back great reports on Lincoln leading the wedding brilliantly on Saturday, Michael preaching so well on Sunday, the band and tech teams serving everyone so well over the weekend, Ben & Mo speaking and praying with passion for Bob and Averil on their golden wedding anniversary, record numbers of children in K2 served so well by our Kids teams - I could go on. You are an amazing bunch of people.

Thirdly that in the Autumn I'm going to do a series of sermons on "Doing Life Well". We're going to start looking at the rhythm of life and Sabbath - this weekend shows that I need to preach these as much to myself as to everyone else!

And finally that I love being in a community that cares for me. I had lots of messages asking how I was, and not a single one from anyone complaining that I'd let them down or caused them to have to step in and do more - which I know was the case. Thank you.

In case you want to know I'm feeling loads better today, looking forward to the week and then holiday in a weeks time.

Simon (doing my best to follow Jesus, and being forgiven when I mess up!)

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