Friday, August 19, 2011

Bill Hybels - Leading with Grace

One of the speakers at this years Summit, Howard Schultz who is the CEO of Starbucks, pulled out at the last minute under pressure from a gay advocacy group. This all happened in the week leading up to the Summit. At the Summit Bill had to get up and explain why Howard wasn't coming and how we should respond.

I really want to encourage you to watch what Bill had to say, which you can see here.

On so many levels what Bills says represents a remarkable example of leadership, and I could write multiple blogs analysing leadership lessons to learn from it. For me it was one of the highlights of the conference. In my mind the biggest takeaway was the way Bill handled the issues of grace and truth, or as we might describe it being peachy. Being welcoming to everyone at the same time as being very clear about what we believe and what the Bible teaches. Just brilliant.

Although we won't be hearing Howard at the GLS in October, I do encourage you to read his book Onward. I read it in preparation for the Summit and got an awful lot out of it, as Howard explains how Starbucks lost it's soul, the core of what it was about, and the painful steps they had to take to rediscover it. Also go and buy a Starbucks coffee - do you really need an excuse!

Finally to let you know that Patrick Lencioni replaced Howard at the last minute. He's a leadership guru and gave one of the funniest and most instructive Summit talks I have ever heard! We'll be hearing Patrick's talk in October.


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