Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Chicago Bound

I'm sat in Heathrow terminal 3 waiting for our flight to Chicago for the Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit. At the airport are me and Catrina, Ben Davies, Lydia Harris-Lane, Ruth Buxton, Chris Mooney and Trevor & Cat Meardon from the Warfield churches. We've just met up with Tebogo who flew in from South Africa this morning - it will be great to spend some time with him. Out in Chicago we'll be joined by Craig & Susannah Mills and Saulius and some others from Lithuania. Plus Sean & Liz Green and a Reading Family Church gang will be out there too. Perhaps next year we should just charter a couple of jumbos and we can all go :)

I'll blog and tweet over the next few days on what we're up to, and what you all have to look forward to when we all get to see the GLS in October.


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