Thursday, August 25, 2011

INvest in Yourself

We're kicking off an exciting new initiative in September called INvest. One of the things I've had on my heart for a while has been to find a place where people can get a deeper level of Biblical knowledge and understanding, not so that we can be full of information but so that we can grow in our relationship with God and be more effective for Him. INvest is hopefully going to be the place where that can happen.

The idea is to take the material which gets taught in a year at Kerith Academy, and present the same material over two years on a Wednesday evening. People can sign up for it on a term by term basis, so if for some reason you have to skip a term you should be able to cover the same material two years later.

There are a load more details on the website here, including details on how to register. Please take a look and think whether this might be a next step for you as you look to grow in Christ. Note also that this is open to people outside of Kerith, if you think it might do you good then sign up and come and join in the fun!


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