Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Technology Sabbath Challenge

In September and October I'm going to share some thoughts on Sabbath, and the importance of rediscovering Sabbath if we are going to do life well. Part of that will be on how we relate to technology, meaning email, text, Facebook, twitter et al, when it comes to Sabbath.

So here's the Sabbath challenge I'm going to be taking for the next week, whilst I'm on holiday with the family. To take a technology Sabbath. That means no blogs, no tweets, no texting, no checking or sending email, no looking at Facebook. It sounds scary to even say it!

But I've had too many holidays where I never really relaxed because I was still in touch with all that was going on at work, whether that was church or BlueArc. Too many holidays where I've watched kids pestering parents to stop looking at their mobile phones and play with them in the pool. Too many times that I've fallen for the lie that I was so important that the world couldn't carry on without my input and intervention for just a handful of days.

I will be taking my Kindle with some new books on it, and will be taking my iPhone for the odd game of Angry Birds and Bible reading, but nothing which involves contact with the outside world!

If you're going away this summer I want to encourage you to take a technology Sabbath too. If you do I'd love to hear how it goes.

One final thing before I 'log off' for a week. Sola is preaching next Sunday - I'll be praying for him to powerfully bring the presence of God in all be brings.



Ruthie said...

I try to do this once a month. It is amazing the peace that comes with the silence that having no technology brings. The first time I did it, I heard God very clearly on several things. The second time was just a sense of His presence with me. I'm now working on trying to have 'technology free days' every 2 weeks, eventually working down to once a week. Enjoy your technology free break.

Anonymous said...

We enjoy, wherever practicably possible, technology-free Sundays. Sunday is the day of rest, for offering up praise and worship to Him and for not being distracted too much by the secular world around us. Enjoy your well-earned and technology-free break!