Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Birthdays. Prayer and Getting Wet

Today (Wednesday) is my birthday. I have to admit that I'm not a huge birthday person, I hate anything where I'm the centre of attention, but I do really appreciate all the kind messages via Facebook, email and even on old fashioned cards! Thank you.

I'm going out for lunch with Catrina later on today, and we're having a family birthday tea, then I'll be at the prayer meeting tonight. I'm in a season of both enjoying prayer, and seeing quite a number of answers to prayer, so being at a prayer meeting on my birthday should be fun. I've been so encouraged in particular by the Thursday morning finance prayer meetings (6-7am in the Kerith Centre reception) where last week over half of the 20 people there were teenagers. Surely that must be close to revival! I hope to catch you either tonight, on Thursday morning, or at the Thursday evening prayer meeting.

Finally just a reminder that we've got another celebration on Sunday with baptisms. So far we've got people being baptised at the 11 and 7 (let's be praying for some at the 9 too). If you're interested in being baptised on Sunday then please contact us here.

Hope you have a great day.


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