Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Some time ago now I took someone from our church community out for coffee. In the midst of our conversation I asked them "what do you like about being part of Kerith and what do you think we could do better?". It's one of those questions I always want to ask, but sometimes lack the courage to voice for fear of what people might say!

After naming a number of things they really enjoyed about the direction we are going in (this was someone who has been in the church for longer than my 22 years) they then said that there was one thing they really disliked about what we do. I held my breath, wondering what they were going to say, only to surprised when they said that they really dislike the giving envelopes we put out on the chairs on a Sunday! They didn't mind the idea of having the envelopes there, as they allow us to reclaim significantly more gift aid from people's giving, which seems like good stewardship. What they didn't like was how stark the envelopes were, and that the first message people got when they went to sit down in our auditorium was that we wanted their money!

So the graphics team set about redesigning the envelope, and you can see above what they came up with. I'm really pleased with it, how it will remind us every time we see it of the two great commandments that Jesus gave us, and how for those who do choose to use the envelope it expresses our thanks to them for what they've done.

If you too see things we (and by we I mean all of us, including you) could do better, then please be willing to voice them, and to seek to be part of the solution rather than part of the problem! Who knows what change you might inspire :)


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