Friday, September 16, 2011

INvest Info

Our INvest training course, where we are going to take the training we give to the Kerith Academy students during the day on a Thursday and make it available to the whole church over two years on a Wednesday evening starts next Wednesday - more details and signup information are here

We've already got around 30 people signed up, which is excellent, but a number of you have very sensibly been asking what we subjects we are going to be covering in the first term. I asked Ben Pocock, who is leading the course, the same question. His answer was:

This term we are focussing on Jesus…
They’ll be some sessions, workshops and discussions about Jesus birth, early years, last days, death and resurrection. We will also look at Jesus as a teacher, His miracles, the supernatural, and naturally we’ll be looking into how all this effects our lives. In addition we’ll be spending time learning about exegesis, and putting that into action too.

I hope that answers the question. It sounds like a great first term, so please consider signing up and make this investment in yourself and your future.


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