Monday, September 12, 2011

Kerith's Finest Hour

I loved what Adrian Holloway brought to us on Sunday. That our finest hour in worshipping God is not the songs we sing on a Sunday, but the work we do on a Monday, whether that work is going to school or college, having paid employment, looking after children or grandchildren or looking for a job. If you missed it I really encourage you to listen to it, as it had incredible relevance for each one of us.

It certainly spoke to me as a I went and did my "other" job at BlueArc today. I loved the way Adrian tore down the whole secular / sacred divide we so love to build up, and the way he gave the same dignity and purpose to what I do on a Monday at BlueArc as to what I do the rest of the week at Kerith. Brilliant.

So whatever you're doing this week, do it as though Jesus was sitting there in your bosses chair. Do it with that level of diligence, joy, quality, thoroughness and dedication, so that He will be glorified and you will receive a reward in heaven.

Hope you have a great week.


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