Thursday, September 15, 2011

Reception Official Openings

We are going to be having an "Official" opening of the new Kerith Centre reception at 12.30 on Tuesday 20th September. Dr Phillip Lee, our Bracknell MP will be doing the opening, and we've also got a number of other dignitaries coming, including both the Borough and Town Mayors and a number of local councillors. Anyone is welcome to come along, just note that there will be no parking at the Kerith Centre for anyone other than invited guests. If you are coming then please get there well before 12.30 as we've got a tight schedule and I wouldn't want you to miss it!

After the opening a number of us will be going over to K2 for the 2nd birthday celebration for our Foodbank. A large number of the local agencies we work with will be there to hear about and celebrate all the exciting things happening with the Foodbank.


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