Thursday, October 6, 2011

The GLS Buzz

I'm sitting at, home drinking orange juice and eating a muffin with jam (very nice), having a bit of calm, reflection and prayer before heading up to the Kerith Centre for what is going to be a full on four days.

Today the building will be buzzing with the 40 overseas guests coming to see how we run the GLS, and get training to take it back to their own nations (last night I met the Lithuanian crew, two people from Norway, a guy from Holland and Larry from the US who will be training them all - many more nations are arriving today!). Also around the building there will be a load of preparations going on. Bookshops being set up, hedges being trimmed and lawns being mowed, DVDs being tested and then tonight a rehearsal for the GLS. Also tonight our two Zambian pastors, Samson and Bernard, fly in.

Then for the Friday and Saturday it will be full on with the Summit. Over 350 delegates booked in, some amazing teaching and many inspiring moments. Catrina and I have the privilege of hosting it all.

Then on Sunday Saulius, our great friend from Lithuania, will be preaching at all three meetings, as well as us having an opportunity to hear a little bit from Samson and Bernard.

As I reflect on all this please can you join me in praying for all that is going on. Pray for the key people who will be incredibly busy over the next few days. Sue Ranger who is in charge of the event. Jules Rutland who is overseeing the delivery of the conference itself, Colin Boyle who as ever will do an amazing job of pulling it all together and the host of incredible, amazing volunteers who will be car parking, welcoming, selling resources, cleaning toilets, playing in the band, running the tech desk and doing a multitude of other tasks. Pray for all the people who will come into our building over the next four days. Overseas guests, conference delegates, our own people attending, visitors on Sunday, the children in K2 on Sunday, the guy who delivers the post in the middle of it all, the bank manager who I'm meeting today and will see all that we are doing.

And most of all please pray that through it all Jesus will be exalted. That through all this activity and effort people would speak His name with a deeper reverence and awe, that they would have a fresh understanding of His passion and plans for their lives, and that the kingdom of God might be a little bit more on earth like it is in heaven.

Thank you.


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