Wednesday, October 19, 2011


First of all apologies to those who are used to me regularly updating the blog. It's been a crazy, although fruitful, couple of weeks including the Willow GLS, the Serenje pastors being with us, Serenje Sunday and Monday and Tuesday this week in Lincoln with a group of UK leaders. I've struggled to find time to blog so sorry about that. I'm also taking a break for some of half term, but once that is over normal blogging service should be resumed.

This Sunday we're going to be looking at how we deal with the Halloween season which is soon to be upon us. Whether you're a parent deciding what to allow your children to do, a teenager deciding which parties to go to, or are about to have your front door knocked by lots of trick or treaters we all have decisions to make about how we handle Halloween. I'll give a bit of the history of Halloween and then outline a series of Biblical principles which should hopefully help each of us to decide how we are going to deal with it. The principles will also help us understand how we deal with similar related issues such as Harry Potter. Should be interesting!

Hope to see you there on Sunday.


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