Sunday, October 9, 2011

Please Do This :)

The funding of Kerith will always, I believe, come primarily from the direct giving of those who call it home. That was certainly true last year, when our overall income was just over one million pounds, over 90% of which came from direct giving (regular offerings, gift days and gift aid on that giving). But we will always look for other opportunities for funding, to allow us to do more. Just last week we got a cheque in the post for £10,000 as a result of a grant application to help fund some of the costs of the reception redevelopment.

I want to let you know about two things you can do to help us access more external funding.

Firstly our Konnections Ministry (providing support to families with children with special needs) is in the running for a £6,000 grant from NatWest. The money is awarded on the basis of which charity in an area gets the most votes. Please can I ask you to go through the voting process (which is slightly complicated, but not too bad), and to encourage everyone you know with their own email address to do the same. If everyone who reads the blog were to vote I'm pretty sure we can win. The details for what you need to do are as follows:

First follow this link.  

Then click on the “I accept...terms and conditions box and click on the “vote for us” box.

Click on the “register now” words in the red box.  This will take you through a short form to register your name and email address.  A confirmation will then be sent to your e-mail pretty instantaneously.

Once you have received your confirmation enter your email and password and log in
This will then return you to the Konnections screen and you once again click on the “I accept...terms and conditions box and click on the “vote for us” box.

You should see a screen confirmation that you have been successful in casting your vote.

Please do the above now!

Secondly for those of you who shop in Waitrose in Sandhurst, our Konnections Ministry is one of the chosen charities for the Waitrose community matters scheme for the month of October. There are three charities chosen every month, which get a share of £1,000 in proportion to the votes of shoppers in the store, which they indicate by putting a green coin in the appropriate bin at the exit of the shop. If you normally shop in the Sandhurst Waitrose then please be sure to vote for Konnections.

Thanks for your help with this.


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