Monday, October 31, 2011

Sam, Hannah & Project Tehila

Many of you will know the wonderful Sam and Hannah Fairs-Billam. They first came to Kerith after someone put a church leaflet through their door, and I first met them when they came on the Marriage Course, which Catrina and I were leading back then.

At the time Sam wasn't a Christian, but after doing the Marriage Course Sam went on to do Alpha and there became a Christ follower. Now a number of years later they have two daughters, Isla and Amba, and are firmly embedded in the life of our community. As a couple they embody God's heart for justice - Sam works with the homeless and Hannah has a job standing up for marginalised children.

Sam came with us on the very first trip to Serenje. They now have a plan to spend a year living in Lusaka, the capital of Zambia, working for the Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia, developing a child protection programme which will be rolled out across the whole of Zambia. You can read the latest about what they're up to on their blog. They're going as volunteers, which means they're currently fundraising to raise the £30,000 they'll need to support themselves for the year. They're already nearly three quarters of the way there which is amazing, but I know they'd appreciate any extra help!

Tehila isn't an "official" Kerith project, but Sam and Hannah have the full support of me and the rest of the leadership team. Hopefully they'll have your support too. Their plan is to go in March 2012 which isn't too far away! Please take a look at their blog, be praying for them all, and consider supporting them financially.


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