Saturday, November 26, 2011

Christmas Readings

Last Sunday Ben Oliver encouraged all of us to be reading the Christmas story over the next few weeks. Above is the reading plan Ben gave us. 

I'm planning on blogging on these verses with some observations and application through December, but can I encourage you to spend time meditating on these verses for yourself. Give time for the passsage to soak in rather than just rushing your way through it. I find it helpful to ask these three questions as I meditate.

  1. What did this mean to the people at the time? Actually try and put yourself in the story. Imagine being Mary, a shepherd, Zechariah, or Joseph and think how you would have felt and reacted in the same situation.
  2. What does this mean to me today? How does this store relate to my life as it is today. Where are there's similarities, what are the principles, commands or promises which I need to hear?
  3. What an I going to do with what I've read? Do I need to stop and thank God for something, repent of something, pray for someone, apologise to or encourage someone else, change an attitude, choose to trust God or something else? The Bible properly applied will always change us.
I hope you enjoy getting into the Christmas story this year.


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